Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network
Monitoring Project

Monitoring Shipping Noise in the Santa Barbara Channel

Principal Investigator(s)

  • John Hildebrand
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Start Date: January 01, 2007

Simultaneous AIS (Automatic Information System) ship tracking data and underwater hydrophone data have been collected in the Santa Barbara Channel since 2007. These data allow measurement of the source level of individual vessels transiting through the Santa Barbara Channel.

Data are being collected from the Automatic Information System (AIS) to track ship passages through the Santa Barbara Channel as well as from autonomous hydrophones to track ship noise. SIO-UCSD uses the data to study ship noise, and the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District uses the AIS data (among others).

Summary to Date

Project findings include measurements of noise levels for individual vessels documented in:

McKenna, M.F., S.M. Wiggins, J.A. Hildebrand. Relationship between container ship underwater noise levels and ship design, operational and oceanographic conditions. Sci. Reports 3: 1760 (2013).

McKenna, M. F., D. Ross, S. M. Wiggins, and J. A. Hildebrand, Underwater radiated noise from modern commercial ships. J. Acoust. Soc. Am 131(1), 92-103. 2012.

Study Parameters

  • Noise
  • Vessels

Study Methods

Used High Frequency Acoustic Recording Packages documented in:

Wiggins, S.M. and J.A. Hildebrand. High-frequency Acoustic Recording Package (HARP) for broad-band, long-term marine mammal monitoring. Pages 551-557, International Symposium on Underwater Technology 2007 and International Workshop on Scientific Use of Submarine Cables & Related Technologies 2007. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tokyo, Japan. 2007.