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ImageSea stars along much of the Pacific coast of North America, such as this bat star Patiria miniata are experiencing a mass mortality event (MME) called sea star wasting syndrome (hereafter SSWS). Multiple species of sea stars have been impacted, both in the intertidal and adjacent nearshore subtidal, including kelp forests. MBNMS scientists have been surveying kelp forests for individuals exhibiting symptoms of this syndrome.


Bat star (Patiria miniata)

Location (General):

Monterey Bay

Site (Specific):

Monastery Beach

Date taken:

February, 26 2014

Photo credit:

Chad King / NOAA MBNMS

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Patiria miniata
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Photo Location Map

      Latitude: 36.52784658264716    Longitude: -121.9321060180664

File name: 1423862586-2863.jpg